About the Temple

Welcome to the Temple of the Wind.


Temple noun

1  a dwelling place of god (and goddesses).

2  mystical space for sacred ceremonies & celebrations.

Wind noun

1 perceptible natural movement of the air.

2 breath. 3 music.  4 spirit.   5 wisdom.

6 the dynamic creative force that permeate everywhere in space, inside, outside and in between matters.

There’s no need to ride in on your unicorn, or float in on a cloud. You don’t have to go to the Himalayas and find a yogic master to receive enlightenment.

Because the real magic is in you. My gift is to take you there.


Temple of the Wind noun

1 the intuitive playground of highly sought after Certified Six Sensory Living Teacher Ping Xu.

2 a sacred dwelling for you to enter as who you are.

It’s a place for creative intelligence and fine-tuned intuition only. In other words, it’s a place for real miracles. There’s nothing airy-fairy about intuition. It’s a sacred gift. This Temple provides a structure, a map, a game plan and a safe space to practice.

All you need to enter?

Curiosity + a deep desire for joy, truth and peace.

First time visit? Start here.