Who are you if?

You’re not your stories.

You’re not your accumulated hurts and disappointments.

And you’re not the labels you’ve inherited throughout your life.


I’m Ping.

I see the real you. Which means I see the beautiful place that exists underneath the layers and labels; your stress, stories and shadow.

I see your Spirit. And I will guide you to meeting and trusting this deeper part of you.

I’m a Certified Hypnotherapist and a Certified Master Intuitive Coach.

I am here to help channel and direct your power and portray your true beauty to the world.


What is my purpose?

I connect people, from all walks of life, to their deeper truth, their inner magic, the essence from their Spirit.

I teach people how to dream, how to remember their dreams, and how to live their dreams.


Who do I work with?

I work with Seekers who hear the call from their Spirit, but want more clarity, guidance and support. I help them to listen to their inner wisdom (Spirit/ Higher Self), and adopt the intuitive way of living, which is the most authentic way to live. This helps them live a life of everyday miracles.

I work with creative people & artists who rely on intuition but struggle with setting up systems and organising their work and life. I help them to organize, to apply effective structure and systems, to find the right balance between fluidity and stability. This helps creative people fully explore their freedom and express their gifts.

I work with highly sensitive people who, due to their natural empathy and lack of self knowledge, often feel overwhelmed, ungrounded, shattered, I help them to be grounded and centered, to make space for themselves, to develop healthy boundaries and strong resilience. This helps them better fulfill their purpose and live life fully.

I work with Warriors/Fighters/Over Achievers who believe they have no time, nor need, nor capability to relax and rest. I help them to soften, relax, rejuvenate and enjoy the simple happiness that is present in life each moment. I help them to play with the unknown, and learn the way to calm their anxiety. This helps them savour the sweetness & ease of life.


Why do I do this?

Because years ago, I shut my intuition down completely. Born in China, I was raised to be a highly competent over-achiever.  Until the sense of something missing hit me.

Despite being an Innovation Program Manager for P&G Asia and having the top pay for my expertise and experience, despite living a seemingly glamorous life; I felt depressed.

Actually, it felt like something was eating my heart and blurring my vision. I was unhappy.  I was not satisfied. I felt the creative fire in me dying.

I became silent, indifferent and cynical about the world.

Today I can see that I needed to go through this pain of shutting down my intuitive gifts entirely, so that I could fully re-connect with my Spirit, so that I could truly value my gifts, so that I could live a Spirited life!

I now know I had to go through these painful lessons so I could truly help people re-connect to their light. I needed to walk through this darkness, disconnection and confusion first, before I could help others.

Although it made no sense to my family, I embarked on a spiritual journey. This led me to become a Certified Hypnotherapist and member of the American Hypnotherapist Union & the American Hypnosis Association. I’ve studied under world-renowned psychic and intuitive counselor Collette Baron-Reid as well as master spiritual teacher and psychic Sonia Choquette.

My innate gifts have been trained and developed so that today I am not just a Certified Hypnotherapist, but an Advanced Six Sensory Teacher and Certified Master Intuitive Coach®.

So many of my dreams have been realized. I want to help you find yours.

I believe in you, even though you may not believe it now. I have made this happen myself many times, and I know you can too.

Let’s play together.  Just you, as you truly are.


Blessings of love & divine imagination,

Ping Xu