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Here are some  FREE GIFTS :) ! : my voice, the relaxation, the play, the rebel, the inspiration, the beauty, the innocence, the silliness, the dreams and creative spontaneous expression.

***  Intro :  about who I am , my practice of  dreaming & my first guided dreaming album ” Magical Dream Travels”.

***First Time Mic Test Trilogy

 It was when I first time went into a professional recording studio. The producer laid out several mics in front of me, and asked me to test them each.  My mind went blank momentarily…  How do I test the mic ?  Later the producer told me  he was just expecting me to simply say check  check one two three.  However, when I stood in front to mic, closed my eyes, opened my mouth, these beautiful words flew through like a chain of graceful pearl necklace ~~~

1. The Bold Mic:   This mic looks just ordinary. However, I was told by the producer that this mic is bold. “What does that mean, he is bold?” I asked.  ”Because it really amplifies the voice.” He answered.

I am very sure that I channeled this brilliant inspiring talk from my Spirit.  I believe it is a  gift from Spirit for me to courageously start a new path :) !  This guided meditation will help you to relax, quite your mind, tune into your truth, listen to the voice of your spirit & the wisdom of your heart, and speak your authentic voice courageously :) !   Be Bold :) !


2. Deep Relaxation.  This mic looks big in size.   I saw the “shure” on it.  Sure, I hear it in my mind… What is sure? For me, it is the ability & the awareness to deeply relax, just relax, relax even deeper ~~~  until you melt into this ocean of relaxation…

Yes, this is a guided meditation that will help you deeply relax, to a beautiful experience that you might never imagined before :)  When you could relax so deeply, the healing happens spontaneously like magic :) !


3. Self Adjustment :  I don’t remember how this mic looks like.  I heard the producer asked me to adjust it from across the big shining glass window.  I felt a wave of tightness in my belly instantly. I believe that I was connecting and tuning into the feelings of the mic, who is asked to be adjusted. I took a deep breath, breathe all the way into the tightness of the belly, and let it talked through me: a brilliant response on adjustment.

For me, I believe that we are born perfect, I believe that we shall appreciate more, praise more & love more, rather than adjust ourselves to fit in, to get other ppl’s agreement/approval/likes !  It is when we are authentic to be ourselves, and in crazy love with our Self/Spirit,  we can  be the bright light that light up others and the whole world.


*** Divine Sparkles : 

Snowman : This is  a poetic meditation based a Chinese song that I learned when she was 9 years old. This song accompanied me into my childhood dreams on many cold winter nights. I have grown up into a beautiful lady. I am married and I have lived in many many places, even in places where there are no winters.

I didn’t realize that I hadn’t forgotten to sing this song until many years later. In the winter of 2014,  I stood before a bold microphone and  realized, a  dream is coming true, all the wonders are still there , nothing is lost, they are even more beautiful…


 Marshmallow Studio :  I could not count the joy, laughter & inspiration that  the silly marshmallows  and its studio have brought me in the winter of 2014, a winter of so many snows,  so much white, so much inspirations & growth.  Marshmallows are my magical catalyst  &  joy guide in disguise!

This marshmallow studio was created on a heavy snow afternoon. I was in a 10 week  teen song production workshop. Each week we would create and produce a song together with the group. I created this Marshmallow Studio to help the teens to relax, tune into their spirit, hear their heart song, and make that into form.

This is a very deep meditation. You will be guided to hear the creativity directly from your heart, maybe it is a new song, maybe it is a special melody, maybe you will see a beautiful picture, a story, a movie… it is the one that your spirit wants you to hear, see & experience now, for the purpose of creation, healing, joy & the celebration of your unique gifts!


Gong, Truth & the Guru

I started to offer Gong Bath/ Sacred Sound Healing Ceremony in April 2014. I also play the Gong in my Kundalini Yoga class. Again and again, I am blown away by the positive feedback and amazing healing experience/stories that people shared with me from these session. They are beyond my wildest imagination and my “lovely smart logical engineer mind”.

I wish to share more understanding of Gong’s miraculous and mysterious healing power,  so I made this recording with my laptop. It is a very short excerpt from my Gong Master Don Concreaux’s book ” Magnum Opus of the Gong”. It explains that power in simple language and logic.


新月祈祷  New Moon Morning Prayer

This is a morning prayer I recorded with my laptop on the New Moon morning in July 2014, New Moon in Leo. It is in Chinese. I saw myself bathed in the golden light, feeling warm and expansive, full of hope, excited for the new life, curious for the challenges and changes, ready to receive the magnificence of life~~~