What is hypnosis ?

Hypnosis is a state of deep relaxation in  which the subconscious mind is extraordinarily receptive to positive thoughts and suggestions. Through hypnosis, your behavior can be modified to benefit you by replacing old beliefs you no longer need or want with the new ones you desire. Each of us naturally enters hypnosis several times every day while watching TV, when overwhelmed by the beauty of nature, or a new romance, or even while driving long distances.


Why choose Hypnotherapy ?

Because it works!

Because it makes the process of change and transformation full of ease and grace.
By harnessing the power of  your own subconscious mind, hypnotherapy is often quick and effective in resolving personal issues and improving focus and performance, whether at work  or play. With hypnosis, you can effectively replace limiting behaviors with  attitudes and actions that promote growth and success. Hypnotherapy helps you focus, direct and maximize your own inner power. It’s an effective, relaxing and drug-free choice for change.

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Your mind is not your just your mind
It is your personal portal to miracles and magic.

You aren’t lost.
Or trapped.
Or stuck.
Or even overwhelmed. Even though it feels that way.
You’re just tuning in to old beliefs; old thought patterns that no longer serve you.
And the secret to changing your real-life behavior?
Is to simply start with your subconscious mind.
Sure, you’ve relied on sheer willpower to break habits.
You’ve set goals and attached these to rewards.
Perhaps you’ve started consciously replacing negative thought patterns with more positive self-talk?
But for all this effort you are still burdened; you haven’t changed.
For all your hard work, you still feel trapped.

Hypnotherapy can help you…

  • Manage Change (grow new habits, settle moves, navigate career changes with joy).
  • Attract and Create happier, more passionate , legendary  relationships – like a magnet.
  • Boost Creativity and Inspiration (tap into the unconscious and super conscious to receive clear inspiration+guidance).
  • Let go the Ugly Duckling complex (build positive beliefs+healthy self image+ strong confidence+hope).
  • Lose weight + feel vibrant & beautiful .
  • Manage time wisely so you feel less stressed , more effective and feel at ease.
  • Forgive and Accept yourself and others.
  • Overcome Insomnia and achieve regular, restorative sleep.
  • Manage Anxiety naturally, without drugs.
  • Uncover and understand destructive habits to overcome your limitations
  • Maximize Performance in career, study and sports.
  • Make informed decisions aligned with your soul’s purpose.
  • Overcome addiction and dependency to live freely and joyfully.

         + So Many More

        It is unleashing the magical creative power of your mind !

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Examples of changes through Hypnotherapy:

a) Test Anxiety/Academic performance

BEFORE: “I’m so stressed out because the test season is coming. I know I’ve covered all of the content, but what if I blank out during the exam? That happened last time – didn’t it – I blanked out and just couldn’t remember. Even though I knew the content.”

AFTER: “I can’t believe I’m loving the test season now. I feel relaxed, motivated and very confident. I am getting great scores. Study feels easy and FUN!”


b) Busy Mindset/Habitual Worry/Belief in “Not Enough” Time

BEFORE: “I always have so many things on my to-do list. I’m so busy, I haven’t got time to rest, I haven’t got time to go to the gym. I haven’t been to my yoga class in months. Arrggh. I never have time for myself. I want to, but just don’t have the time, too many things to do. People are relying on me, I don’t have a choice, I’m so stressed. God help me”

AFTER:  “I feel relaxed and unhurried as I make my way through my to-do list. I have enough time. I have enough time to get things done. I have enough time to rest and to play. I know that giving myself time to rest and play means I am more efficient while I work.”

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By entering the Temple of Hypnotherapy you receive:

  • A 60 minute hypnotherapy session led by a highly qualified, accredited hypnotherapist.
  • A natural, drug-free state of relaxation, release, comfort  and bliss.
  • Personalised approach to address your specific issue, problem or concern.
  • Heart to heart connection and support.
  • Inspiration and a fresh view of you and your life essence.

Yes, I am ready for hypnotherapy!:)


Is hypnotherapy really safe?

Many people are afraid of or skeptical about Hypnosis because of what they’ve seen of Stage Hypnosis. This is where the people are made to act like a chicken etc, they are treated badly in some sense. However, Therapeutic Hypnotherapy is the exact opposite. Stage Hypnosis is for the sole purpose of entertaining, it is always public. While Therapeutic Hypnotherapy is very private, done in a safe and comfortable therapeutic environment, administered by a certified hypnotherapist, and for the purpose of self-improvement, healing and creativity.


What if I get stuck in a trance? How will I get out?

That will never happen. It is not possible to become stuck in a trance. As the therapist, I am your guide and guardian. I am with you the whole time. I will bring you out at the end of the session, even though you might want to stay there longer, as it is so comfortable…


Does hypnotherapy work on everyone?

Some people doubt that they are able to be hypnotized.  In fact hypnosis, a hypnotic state, is a very common experience in our daily lives. Every night when we fall into sleep we are entering into a hypnotic state. From a light hypnotic state (when your head touches the pillow, your body start to soften and relax, your awareness get blurred little by little that you get half asleep) to a deep state (when you are dreaming, or when you are dreaming but you are not aware, or even when you are so deep into the delta state that you don’t dream but deeply rest) . In the morning, when we wake up, we are coming out of the hypnotic state into the conscious state.  Therefore hypnotherapy can work on anyone, it is simply a process of deep relaxation with focused concentration.


Why is hypnotherapy so powerful?

The single reason why  a hypnotherapy session is so powerful is that we open up the neural pathways that lead into your subconscious/unconscious mind, which actually make up 95% of your mind.   Yes, you read correctly. 95% of your mind is your subconscious/ unconscious mind. This is the part of your brain that stores all your memories, your emotions, your patterns, your beliefs, your habits. While your conscious mind, which is where your logic, your reasoning, your analysis, your will power exist, makes up only 5% of your total mind.

That is why change is so hard for everyone, because we are trying to use 5% conscious willpower to battle our 95% subconscious mastering our behavior.


Can I get results within one session?

While hypnotherapy is extremely effective; it is not a magic pill. Generally speaking, it will take a series of sessions ( 4 to 6 sessions) to make the change and to establish the new thought patterns deeply into the subconscious so they become your new habits.


So, will hypnotherapy actually work for me?

Hypnosis is like surgery in the subconscious/unconscious mind, of course, with your permission and in total comfort. We replace the old, un-needed habits, beliefs and reactions with the positive beliefs, the helpful habits and the changes that your heart desires.


Is it like a miracle? 

Well, come and experience it for yourself. Wisdom comes from first-hand experience.

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